• JOGO Bags the Prestigious 2022 Equity Crowdfunding Award

    The award recognizes JOGO India's commitment to improving access to quality healthcare through medical excellence and technology innovation.
    Scaled image of a certificate awarded to JOGO as the TECH COMPANY OF THE YEAR.Scaled image of a certificate awarded to JOGO as the TECH COMPANY OF THE YEAR.
  • Improving outcomes for chronic residual disabilities with patient centered care and evidence based methodology.
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Revolutionizing Care for Chronic Residual Disability

Transforming lives 1 patient at time

JOGO grew out of research at RUSK Institute, New York University. Several chronic residual disabilities can be addressed by harnessing neural plasticity of the brain. This key insight has driven the R&D efforts of JOGO to create several digital therapeutics to treat pelvic floor disorders, chronic pain, and neuromuscular disorders associated with stroke, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, among others.

While technology and clinical evidence are critical tools, the care experienced by the patient is key to effecting good outcomes. JOGO provides unparaleled care experience via its clinics at Boston, Toronto, Chennai, Madurai, Chengalpattu, Coimbatore, and Trivandrum.

Our Uniqueness

World Class Rehab for Chronic Disabilities
  • Advanced techniques for rehabilitation
  • Clinical research collaboration with Harvard
  • Paediatric to Geriatric care
  • Patient centered care
  • Unparalleled care experience
A patient using a JOGO health monitoring device with a monitor.
A health care professional providing therapy for a patient.

Clinically Proven Technologies

World Class Technology Backed by Clinical Evidence

JOGO Digital Therapeutics platform is built after many decades of research. JOGO combines the best of technology components and clinical science to deliver better outcomes to patients across the world. JOGO-Gx therapeutic platform is cleared by US FDA. JOGO is a Johnson & Johnson JLABS company.

Services We Offer

Biofeedback Treatments Trusted By 50+ Hospitals & Clinics
Pain Management
Expert treatment of pain signals in the Central Nervous System by breaking the pain - anxiety - muscle tension cycle.
Speech Therapy

Evidence-backed speech therapies for patients who have autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays or is recovering from a stroke.


Prevention of involuntary urine leakage by offering biofeedback treatments to promote pelvic floor contraction, thereby helping patients control their pelvic floor muscles.


Pain Management Journey

The Journey To Hope, Happiness & Health
You get introduced to our digital therapeutics treatment so that you will get a clear-cut understanding of your condition and the ways to treat it right.
We start administering scientifically proven therapies on a daily and weekly basis. Our programs are designed to offer treatment through achievable steps.
As you get involved and begin completing your missions using JOGO therapy, you will start experiencing a positive change.
We guarantee top-quality care by helping you interpret your condition, understand your healing journey and learn the ways to prevent any recurrence of the same issue.


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Can you explain the JOGO digital therapeutics approach?

JOGO digital therapeutics uses wearable sensors and Artificial Intelligence(AI) - supported by clinically validated protocols -  to provide evidence driven treatments for pain, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and pelvic floor disorders.  Digital Therapeutics is a newly classified treatment modality by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA 

Is JOGO therapy clinically validated?

JOGO digital therapeutics uses the foundational science of EMG-Biofeedback, which has been studied for more than forty years. Studies of  EMG-Biofeedback have been published in prestigious medical journals such as Nature and JAMA. EMG-Biofeedback is an approved - and most importantly -  highly recommended first-line treatment modality for pain, neurological and pelvic floor disorders.

How long is the treatment?

Typical JOGO treatment is once a week for ten weeks, provided either in clinic or via telemedicine for most conditions. Patients with may stroke need longer treatment duration depending on the severity of the disability. 

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