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The JOGO Clinic in Kolkata is a state-of-the-art facility committed to transforming healthcare with advanced digital therapeutics and non-invasive modalities. Our clinic is a part of JOGO’s global initiative to leverage the combined potential of neuroplasticity with cutting-edge techniques to treat chronic residual disabilities. We specialise in providing supportive management for pelvic floor disorders and neuromuscular conditions related to Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and Cerebral Palsy.

Our approach to medical care is unique. We specialise in highly effective biofeedback treatment- a neuroplasticity-based therapy tailored for patient-centric care and best outcomes. Our hand-picked experts at JOGO Clinic in Kolkata combine their medical knowledge with biofeedback technology to ensure enhanced health and wellness.

JOGO Biofeedback enables the person with a variety of neuromuscular disorders to perform a variety of muscle actions.

  • Strengthen a muscle e.g. for poor hand function, poor swallowing
  • Relax a muscle e.g. for overactive muscles, tension headache
  • Graded control e.g. dystonia
  • Coordination e.g. ataxia

JOGO just picks up signals generated by the muscles and does not stimulate the muscle. This way, the effort comes from the patient and so the learning and the effects last long. The patient is no longer passive during the treatment and has to completely take charge of their body.

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Medical staff attending an elderly woman.
Digital screen showing a pulse graph where the wires get connected to human hand who get treated in JOGO

JOGO Digital Therapeutics Clinic
Advanced DTX Therapeutics in Kolkata

The JOGO Clinic operates from Kolkata’s Healthora Polyclinic and Diagnostic Centre- an easily accessible location for non-invasive treatments with sustainable outcomes.

Along with our FDA-approved digital therapeutics, we use wearable EMG sensors and a customised mobile app to monitor and track neuromuscular activity in patients. Furthermore, we incorporate AI and Virtual Reality tools to facilitate neuromuscular training for complex issues such as stroke rehabilitation. These approaches enable us to deliver precise and practical healthcare solutions for individuals of all ages.

Service We Offer in Kolkata

Urinary Incontinence

At JOGO Clinic Kolkata, our modalities for urinary incontinence treatment are based on biofeedback techniques. We aim to strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve the ability to overcome involuntary urination. Our personalised approach aims to restore control and enhance the quality of life for those silently suffering from urinary incontinence.
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Young woman sitting in treatment chair while restoring neuromuscular control for urinary incontinence at a medical clinic.
Male doctor assisting an elderly person in therapy.

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Words of Hope & Healing

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We had done a bio- therapy session .Dr. Adithi , Dr.Vigneswaran, Dr. Jeevan assist us.Its really very useful for us .my kid really likes to do those exercise regularly. Their way of approach is really amazing, kids can easily learn and my kid will do it regularly and the result was really good. Thank you so much for your effort. This JOGO brought a happiness in our life .
jeyasree Aiyam Perumal
jeyasree Aiyam Perumal
May 7, 2023
My mom went for physiotherapy at Jogo clinic in madurai because of leg pain. She was taken care by Dr.Devaki. Now my mom's leg pain lessened greatly. She is able walk and do her daily activities without suffering much now. Thanks for the help guys 👍
Naresh B Naresh
Naresh B Naresh
April 2, 2023
V had good improvement wit our kid..n satisfied wit the OT n speech...elakiya mam for ot...the full session is really good n seen visible changes in behaviour....n parkavi mam for speech did good stimulation in improving my kids speech...unfortunately they shifted to new place... chengalpattu to thambaram...v really miss the sessions...
Steffi joy
Steffi joy
March 15, 2023
It's an excellent facility. All the staff's were very kind towards us, especially Ms. Parkavi ( Speech Therapist )
Ravi Chandran
Ravi Chandran
March 3, 2023
Hi i had speech therapy for my dad it was very good taken my miss parkavi she is excellent in explaining task to my dad now he improved lot thanks to her i am really happy to say jogo has changed my dad life after second stroke.
Sugantha G
Sugantha G
March 1, 2023
I had been suffering from voiding dysfunction, pelvic pain and back pain from years. I got to know about Jogo from my doctor. Under the guidance of Dr Uma & Adithi, I went through pelvic relaxation online sessions. I was greatly benefitted by the sessions. I appreciate their in depth knowledge of the subject and way to connect with the patient. Adithi you are awesome, I know the challenges of online sessions, but you did a great job in explaining everything in detail until I got it right. I believe, when it comes to excercise, the consistency and getting it right matters a lot. Thanks Adithi for helping me and keep doing the good work!! I recommend Jogo to people having similar issues.
Poonam Chaturvedi
Poonam Chaturvedi
February 4, 2023
I'm so happy after visiting jogo because jogo gave me a new hope for rest of my life 😃I'm just 28 now but my pelvic problems make me very worst restless and take me into deep depression. in some point i feel I'm helpless there is no solution for my pblm because I consult many gynecologist but they know only pregnancy related treatment then i found jogo in google .jogo is really wonderful and they are not money minded. i really thankful to my therapist aditi mam she is awesome and also thankful to deepika mam and jogo team as well. Aditi mam doesn't know that much of tamil but she can understand my pblms . Rompa calm ah ennoda problems enna nu kettu understand panni correct ah enakku biofeedback use panni treatment start pannanga and she gave me to do some muscle relaxing exercises it really really work for me and food diet also she told me to do.i have a request for them to do some awareness programs about pelvic dysfunction because most of the people affected by this pblm but they are not aware about it. So pls help them they don't know seriousness of this pblm even they don't know there was such a treatment is here.thank you...,,,,,,....
nithya G
nithya G
January 28, 2023
I had an appointment at K.S. Hospital for some other issue and asked Doctor about Urinary incontinence. Dr. told me about JOGO Clinic and Mrs.Deepika Ma'am. I really thank God that i got a sincere, passionate, dedicated and truly caring trainer. Deepika Ma'am has explained clearly about how the muscles are working, what is the issue, what exercises we are going to do to strengthen the muscles. She fixes the timings in advance for the each session and gives the reminder message on previous day. She followups regularly to confirm whether we do the exercises at home and update the health status. I felt very comfortable with her since she is quite reachable for any Questions at any time. I am happy to share that able to achieve the expectation and no fear during sneezing and coughing. Deepika Ma'am is very kind, friendly and strict in her therapy, she analyzes the problem in unique manner and gives the solution. THANKS A LOT Ma'am. Few of the sessions were handled by Rizwana Madam. She taught the exercises for my leg pain and gave dietary advice. Thank you Rizwana. I strongly recommend JOGO for those who have this issue, visit here and get the benefits with out any surgery. Thanks again to JOGO and Mrs.Deepika Ma'am.
jeya latha
jeya latha
January 24, 2023
I am kM .I have Rectocele problem I plan to do surgery inbetween our gynaecologist said to do PFE in jogo clinic so I went chennai jogo clinic my therapist Dr.Deepika taught an exercise of pelvic floor muscles after that 4-5 months session I had good result and no need for surgery like wise my mentality changed .Other therapist Hema ,Athithi, Rusvana these therapist also take care of me. Now I feel very very better. Thank you for Deepika mam other therapist also.
Kanchana Manikandan
Kanchana Manikandan
January 14, 2023


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* Quotes are from real patients. Photos are of actors to protect the privacy of patients.

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Group photo of JOGO team and delegates at the launch of JOGO India brochure by Dr. Sunder, an eminent Physiatrist.
JUNE 08, 2023
JOGO India brochure Launch

Launch of JOGO India brochure by Dr. Sunder, eminent Physiatrist received by Dr. Prashanth Krishna, Gastroenterologist.

A group photo of Fire rescue officials and JOGO staff in the Fire Safety Workshop and Mock Drill conducted by Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services.
JUNE 06, 2023
Fire Safety Workshop

Fire Safety Workshop and Mock Drill conducted by Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services for our staff.

JOGO honored eminent lady doctors on the occasion of International Women's Day 2023.
MARCH 08, 2023
International Women's Day 2023

JOGO was privileged to honor eminent lady doctors on the occasion of International Women's Day 2023.

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