Benefits of DTx in Mental Health Therapies

Digital therapeutics have the ability to prevent, manage and treat a disease or disorder with the help of evidence-based treatments. With rapidly evolving efforts by the digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai, there have been significant benefits in treating mentally unstable patients with complex diseases. A few areas using digital therapeutics are addiction, psychiatry and neurology.

Role of Digital Therapeutics Clinics in Chennai in Treating Mental Health

Though the earliest advancement in digital therapeutics was treating substance abuse conditions, in recent times, it has been used to monitor behaviour modification, deliver assessments of cognitive function in real-time and expand access to motivational support. The major conditions treated are elaborated below.

Substance Abuse

Digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai treat patients via mobile or computer-based technologies, which are exclusively designed to replace or complement a wide range of established psychological or medical approaches to the treatment. The therapies used are:

  • reSET for treating non-opioid use disorders
  • reSET-O for treating opioid use disorders

The products mentioned above are interactive-based therapies that patients with substance use disorder (SUD) can use with their other therapist sessions to treat drug abuse or addiction. Another digital treatment for the drinking problem is Vorvida. It is a software program based on the web that talks to patients about controlling drinking after assessing their habits and behaviours.

Sleep Disorders

The treatment for insomnia involves the behavioural and cognitive components of digital therapeutics. The digital approach in cognitive behavioural therapy provides benefits similar to individual care with a positive effect on symptoms like fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Somryst is a digital treatment launched in 2020 to treat and improve the conditions of chronic insomnia. Digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai using digital treatment for insomnia witnessed a significant change in their patients within a few weeks. The programme provided challenges and lessons and an algorithm-driven sleep restriction therapy to improve sleep by training the body and brain. The program offers the clinicians with real-time data about the patient's progress. Sleepio is another digital therapeutics product supported by clinical research to improve mental health and sleep in patients with depression and insomnia.

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

There are many limitations with unacceptable long-term risks associated with non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions while treating ADHD. Therefore, DTx offers minimal side effects, improved cognitive functions and increased patient access. Significant research in this area has led to the invention of video game applications that are a kind of enjoyable therapy for patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. EndeavorRxTM (AKL-T01) is the best treatment used by digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai for treating kids with ADHD. Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (eTNS) is another versatile DTx product administered when the patient is asleep. The trigeminal nerve in the brain is electrically stimulated with an electronic device through a patch like structure placed on the forehead. This is done before bedtime, and the system targets the brain areas involved in epilepsy, attention and mood disorder.

A drawing of a patient wearing a digital monitoring device with a monitor illustrates the role of Digital Therapeutics in Treating Mental Health.

Key Areas Reaching Heights in Digital Therapeutics Clinics in Chennai

Technology is playing a great role in mental health by increasing reach, changing the methods of viewing mental health, and transforming the face of the medical profession entirely. Thus, technology enables therapies by augmenting human support, thereby leading to the rise of empathetic technology. Let us see the positive role-played by technology in enhancing mental health in various digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai.

Expanding Online Care Reach

Online counselling services for mental illness are reaching great heights through digital therapeutics. Schools and colleges are the major areas where mental illnesses spike up. An efficient care model can be developed with digital therapeutics for technology providers, educational institutions, stakeholders and other payers to alleviate the challenges faced due to mental health issues. Thus, popular digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai provide mental health treatments for the underserved and unserved segments of people.

Mental Health Chatbots

The new virtual counsellors of today in most of the reputed digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai are chatbots. A classic example is Woebot, which helps subscribers manage their mental stability and works as a companion. Ellie's robot therapist helps people with post-traumatic stress disorder or depression by analysing their facial expressions, nonverbal communication cues, and voices.

Technological Advancements in Mental Health Sectors of Digital Therapeutic Clinics

Digital therapeutic clinics in Chennai and other big cities are witnessing significant development in the operations and services of mental health sectors through technological advancements.

  1. Optimizing the available clinical resources- There is an acute shortage of doctors because of which a large number of patients fail to receive mental health treatment at the allotted time. Thus, digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai have reduced the wait time through the three-way digital communication platform. The primary care provider, mental health specialist and patient create an individualized treatment plan with better care delivery and close monitoring facility.
  2. Building a network of medical coordinators or health coaches for patients is becoming effective with digital channels. Conversational interfaces, telehealth platforms and video messaging offer the first level of support for patients with mental health issues.
  3. Smartphone-based applications help patients track their own progress, access therapy and promote self-care. As tracking a patient's behaviour and lifestyle is as important as medication for mental health problems, these applications act as adjuncts for clinical treatments. In recent times, another self-care method, peer-to-peer platform, is also increasingly becoming popular.

Summing It Up
As technology is taking the entire hold on offering the best therapy by fostering mental well-being, one must use the right combination of human support and technology coupled with empathy. By not just offering personalized mental illness support, there has to be a holistic approach to recording and delivering therapy. Electronic health records can discover disease patterns by fusing them with public health data. Thus, digital therapeutics clinics in Chennai are blending empathy with technology to manage and initiate treatments for mental health. There is more to the future with DTx products expanding rapidly to serve patients in mental health support.

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