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Pediatric Speech Disorders

The ability to speak is a crucial milestone in every child’s life. While most children achieve this milestone within the acceptable age range, some children find it more challenging to do the same. Speech disorders in children cover a wide range of issues. From mispronouncing even simple words, stuttering, stammering, and vocal difficulties to poor speech quality, voice volume, and limited understanding of words, children may face many issues with speech and language.
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JOGO Treatment for Pediatric Speech Disorder

Your child’s pediatric speech delays can be rectified with JOGO Therapy! JOGO plays an indispensable role in helping patients recover from serious ailments like stroke, cerebral palsy, dysphagia, and autism.

For pediatric speech disorders, JOGO treatment aids children in overcoming speech impediments and regaining their ability to communicate with clarity. Our pediatric speech therapists are well-trained in helping children improve verbal and non-verbal communication and articulate thoughts and feelings through speech.

Pediatric Speech & Language Disorders

In children, speech and language disorders can manifest in many different ways, and in most cases, the reasons are still unknown. Some children may find it highly challenging to form sounds to construct words and sentences. Children with language disorders will likely use simpler words and sentences rather than complex terms. Some of the most common speech and language disorders in children are:
Voice Issues
Issues with the voice often occur due to the growth of nodules or polyps on the vocal cords or excessive voice stress. The voice may sound unnaturally hoarse if the child speaks with too much force on the vocal cords.
Articulation issues arise when children repeatedly mispronounce words using the wrong syllables. For example, they may mispronounce “rabbit” with “wabbit” and “love” with “wove”.
Speech Fluency
Stuttering and stammering are fluency disorders that obstruct the flow of words and sentences. When the flow of speech is hindered, children often repeat words or parts of words or pause awkwardly in mid-sentence.
Speech Receptiveness
Speech receptiveness refers to the lack of the ability to understand speech. Non-receptiveness to speech may hinder the child’s ability to follow directions, answer questions, and point to objects when asked.
Speech Expressiveness
Children with this disorder may have trouble finding the right words and verbal expressions to articulate their thoughts and feelings. Simple tasks like asking questions, forming sentences, and initiating conversations can be challenging for them.
1. Language Disorder
Language disorders inhibit a person’s ability to understand what others are saying or use the correct words to deliver an answer or convey their opinion. People with language disorders are often forced to use limited vocabulary and sentence structure to simplify their communication.
2. Speech Sound Disorder (SSD)
Speech Sound Disorder (SSD) causes difficulty making certain sounds. People with SSD may omit syllables, or utter distorted sounds. In many cases, the affected person may substitute a particular sound for other sounds mainly because they cannot make the correct sound. There are two categories in SSD, namely, Articulation and Phonological Sound Disorder.
2.1. Articulation SSD
Individuals who struggle with articulation face difficulties producing specific speech sounds, often at a phonetic level. This struggle may be related to a deficiency in their articulators, which are the vocal organs or oral structures responsible for speech production.
2.2. Phonological SSD
Phonological speech and sound disorders are associated with how the person creates sounds using the wrong part of the mouth. This disorder is primarily related to how the mind perceives language.
3. Childhood-Onset Fluency Disorder (COND)

This disorder is characterized by stutters disrupting the natural flow of speech and language. The repetitive utterance of monosyllabic words, hesitation to speak, and lengthy speeches are some of the most common signs of COND.

4. Social Communication Disorder (SCD)
Social Communication Disorder (SCD) is a condition that primarily affects an individual's social communication skills. It encompasses how an individual communicates, comprehends, and uses language in social situations.

JOGO’s Pediatric Speech Therapy Services

We understand that parents can have a great deal of anxiety and worry when their children have speech disorders. But, the good news is that such impediments can be rectified with JOGO’s clinically-proven therapies.

At JOGO Clinic in Chennai, we combine EMG-based technology with clinically proven assessment and therapy to provide better outcomes and experiences for patients. Our team of pediatric speech therapists help children regain the ability to speak coherently and freely express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. JOGO's treatment plan comprises the following:

Initial Assessment
  • Book an appointment to determine if JOGO speech therapy suits your child.
  • Consult our speech therapist, who will conduct an initial evaluation by understanding your child's history and determining objective measures.
  • The course of treatment, counselling plans and individual objectives will be prepared based on the SLP’s assessment.
Therapy Session
  • Therapists diagnose speech disorders based on the initial assessment.
  • One-on-one sessions will be conducted via personalised Zoom calls.
  • The child will be trained using speech exercises, verbal activities, real-life opportunities and assignments to master communication skills.
Regular Feedback
  • Provision of digital sources to help with home practice sessions.
  • Regular one-on-one counselling to ensure a better prognosis.
  • Consistent monitoring to measure your child’s achievements.
  • Planning of the followup treatment course based on the progress.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my child has a speech disorder?4,5

Speech disorders in children are difficult to identify primarily because some children take longer to reach developmental milestones. Some young children may have Developmental Language Disorder or DLD that inhibits the child’s ability to master language skills. Sometimes, children with DLD may start talking only after their fourth or fifth birthday. Another common speech disorder in children is Apraxia of speech. It refers to children's difficulty forming words by putting the correct syllables and sounds together.

The common signs of speech disorder in children are:

  • Unresponsive to noises and sounds.
  • Inability to express themselves verbally.
  • Difficulty in producing the correct speech sounds.
  • Difficulty in understanding what others say (receptive language).
  • Difficulty in expressing their thoughts and feelings (expressive language).

What is Speech Therapy, and how does it work?6

Speech therapy is a proven practice given by Speech-Language Pathologists or SLPs trained and certified to work with persons with speech difficulties and disorders. SLPs play a significant role in identifying, evaluating, and treating speech-related issues.

What is the importance of speech therapy in rectifying speech disorders?6

The consequences of speech disorders, particularly in children, can last a lifetime if they are not addressed early. With age, a speech impediment can severely affect a child's ability to communicate and socialise with their peers. These issues may negatively impact a child's self-esteem, self-confidence, and academic performance.

What are the reasons for speech and language problems in children?7

Children with otherwise normal physical and mental development may suffer from speech or language disorders due to:

  • Hearing problems
  • Structural issues of the tongue
  • Structural issues of the roof of the mouth

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