Comprehensive Speech Therapy

Expert Speech Therapy with evidence-based interventions for neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adults due to stroke or dysphagia.
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Regain Your Verbal Communication

Holistic Speech Therapy

Verbal communication is crucial for our existence, and the lack of it due to speech disorders can leave one feeling socially isolated. These disorders can also adversely impact one's socio-economic life, academic or work performance, and other aspects of daily living. JOGO's speech therapy in Chennai offers online consultation with our expert Speech-Language Pathologists.

JOGO help patients recovering from a stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, dysphagia, and developmental delays. JOGO also treat patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease to regain their ability to communicate verbally. Our telespeech therapy is available in English, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.

Conditions Treated

Expertly Combining Clinical Acumen with Advances in Technology

Minimising speech impairment, increasing the person's activity and participation in speech, and helping develop compensatory strategies.

Fluency & Voice

Reducing disorders like stuttering, cluttering, and other disfluencies, and using Vocal Hygiene Programs to enhance voice quality, loudness, and pitch.

Cerebral Palsy

Increasing oral motor skills, strengthening the speech muscles, and helping improve the ability to understand speech and languages.

Speech Production

Eliminating speech errors, improving clarity, and improving motor planning for speech disorders like Dysarthria, Apraxia of Speech, and other articulation disorders.


Improving verbal and non-verbal communication, effective articulation of words, and development of conversational skills.

Communication Skills

Providing individual and group sessions required to develop skills to effectively communicate in various social settings.

How It Works

Initial Assessment
  • Schedule an appointment to find out if JOGO speech therapy is right for you.
  • We match you with our speech therapist to begin your assessment.
  • The Initial assessment includes understanding patient history, determining objective measures, treatment planning and counselling.
  • Individualised goals are prepared based on the assessment.
Therapy Session
  • Therapists analyse the assessment to diagnose issues with communication.
  • Personalised Zoom session is arranged for your one-on-one sessions.
  • Therapist uses speech exercises and activities to help affect improvement.
  • Real-life opportunities and assignments to master your skills.
Regular Feedback
  • Provision of digital sources to help you practice your skills at home.
  • Regular counselling to ensure a better prognosis.
  • Progressive monitoring to measure your success and decide on the next course.

Benefits of Our Speech Therapy

  • Reclaim your lost communication skills
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Regain your speech independence
  • Improve swallowing functions
  • Express thoughts, feelings, and ideas


Who is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) is a professional who is skilled in diagnosing and treating speech disorders and language impediments. SLPs specialise in a variety of areas, such as feeding, swallowing disorders, and reading intervention.

What is the duration of the speech therapy?

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for speech improvement. Each therapy will have its own duration. However, consistent practice is the key to successful therapy. After each session, we shall review the plan of care, your progress and goals achieved. Following this assessment, we shall map out the next steps in the process.

What is unique about JOGO speech and language therapy in Chennai?

JOGO's unique EMG-based technology combined with our clinically proven assessment and therapy methods results in better outcomes and patient experience. Our expert SLP's are at the forefront of advanced research to provide the best array of tools for the patient's benefit. It is the results we achieve with the families we serve that help distinguish JOGO's capabilities.

What is the procedure to schedule an appointment for an assessment?

Please feel free to contact our clinic in Adyar to arrange for an assessment or know about our speech therapy for adults in Chennai. Our clinic functions from an easily accessible location in the city. Our staff will assist you in finding an ideal time slot for your convenience. You can also book an appointment via our website.

When does a person need speech therapy?

Speech therapy is required to rectify childhood speech disorders or speech impairments caused in adults due to brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, or other injuries.

What are the swallowing disorders that JOGO can treat?

Approximately 50% of older adults have swallowing disorders without any serious neurological causes. Such disorders can be treated with exercise. JOGO therapy can be used to treat swallowing disorders in Parkinson's patients.

Speech Therapy Delivered Online

Avail holistic and collaborative telespeech therapy delivered right to the comfort of your home. Call us for more details.

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