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Urinary Incontinence in Women - An Overview

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine, ranging from mild leakage to severe, frequent wetting. The condition can affect women of any age, but it is more common among women over fifty. It can be temporary or can last longer, from months to years.

Causes of Urinary Incontinence in Women

Urinary incontinence is at least twice as common in women than in men2. Urinary Incontinence could be due to underlying medical conditions. It could also be the result of everyday habits or other physical ailments3.

Pregnant women may experience urinary incontinence due to:7

  • During pregnancy and after childbirth
    • Damaged bladder-controlling nerves
    • Dislocation of the bladder or urethra during pregnancy
  • After the hormonal changes of menopause.1

How Do We Treat Bladder Problems in Women

Say yes to JOGO, and you can make embarrassment and helplessness a thing of the past. JOGO Therapy is absolutely painless, medication-free, and causes no unnecessary complications. We help you overcome your incontinence issues with Digital Therapeutics and Pelvic Floor Muscle Treatment. Created with our clinically-proven biofeedback, we customize your treatment plan with the right diet, lifestyle modifications, and digital therapies.

Image illustration of urinary system treatment and support concept.

JOGO's Treatment Plan for Urine Leakage in Women

JOGO therapy is a Digital EMG based biofeedback therapy. It is non pharmacological and non invasive. JOGO’s advanced sensors pick up muscle signals which the patient can see in the form of a graph live on a tablet/PC. The entire treatment plan is guided by a pelvic floor specialist therapist who customises the intervention according to the unique needs of each and every client.

JOGO’s Integrated Patient Care (IPC)
Book A Hasslefree Appointment
Our Patient Care Executive will fix an appointment with our JOGO Therapist after listening to your concern.
Initial Assessment
Show up on time and you can consult our JOGO Therapist without any waiting period. The therapist performs a detailed evaluation to understand your concerns as a whole.
JOGO Therapy
The JOGO Therapist shows how your muscle is working on a Tablet/PC and encourages you to actively use your muscles. This serves as a baseline record of your muscle performance.
Complete the Treatment Program
Continue taking JOGO Therapy for 10* more sessions once a week. Customized exercises are taught that you can follow at home in between visits.
You will be discharged from JOGO Therapy at the end of 10* sessions to live a confident life. At discharge, JOGO Therapist repeats the evaluation comparing JOGO discharge record versus the baseline to check the progress, truly making it ‘Evidence Based Practice’.
You can trust and rely on JOGO's promise and clinically proven methods for the non-surgical treatment of urinary incontinence.
Pregnant woman holding gym ball in a therapy session.

JOGO’s Post & Pre Natal-Therapies

It is essential for women to have pelvic floor strength during the post-natal and pre-natal stages of pregnancy8. Taking this requisite into consideration, it is essential to strengthen the pelvic floor with regular exercises guided by an expert. JOGO Clinic is one of the top destinations for many pregnant women who approach us for post-natal and ante-natal exercises. Our therapies are recommended by many doctors and have been especially effective for pregnant women with breech presentations.

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Does JOGO Therapy include medication?

No, JOGO Therapy does not include medication. We believe in the body's natural ability to heal itself. All our treatments are based on exercises with the help of digital therapeutic devices.

Does JOGO offer virtual consultations for female urinary incontinence?

Yes, JOGO offers virtual consultations. Devices are shipped to patients so our pelvic floor therapists can assist them with their treatment. Depending on the geographical location, our health coaches may personally visit their homes and guide them during video consultation sessions.

Can women with incontinence practice JOGO therapies by themselves?

Yes, they can, thanks to our simple and user-friendly methods. We train our patients to follow all our instructions and to understand how to go about JOGO Therapy. We offer demo videos and one-on-one training by pelvic floor rehab specialists at JOGO.

What procedures are followed at JOGO to evaluate urinary incontinence in women?

Our treatment for women with a weak bladder, dribbling after urination, and urine leakage starts with a comprehensive assessment. This is followed by a customised treatment plan by our pelvic floor therapists. Our experts will continue with the therapy based on the results.

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