An Overview of Male Incontinence

According to research, nearly 3.4 million men in the U.S experience urinary incontinence. We know that urinary incontinence makes life miserable as it interferes with both physical and emotional aspects. These days, men are at a higher risk of developing urinary incontinence primarily due to problems with their prostate. The other reasons are multiple sclerosis, diabetes, surgical procedures like radical prostatectomy and Parkinson's disease. Male incontinence treatment is entering the medical field in full swing to help men manage their health issues. In the article, let us see more about how to manage incontinence in men.

A Brief on Male Incontinence Treatment

Urinary incontinence occurs when we are unable to control bladder movement. The same happens with men, but the good news is that it is easily treatable. The types of urinary incontinences are stress, urge, mixed and overflow incontinences. Incontinence happens in men due to prostate surgery, Parkinson's disease, overactive bladder or enlarged prostate. In order to find the right male incontinence treatment, we should seek help from an efficient health care provider in big cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, or Chennai. The doctors analyse the cause of the problem as a first step and then suggest ways or procedures to treat the condition. Let us discuss the ways to manage incontinence symptoms in men below.

Effective Male Incontinence Treatment to Manage Symptoms

Most men follow a healthy pattern of consuming fluids by spacing out the intake throughout the daytime and refraining from having it before bed. An improper intake of fluids may cause bladder infections and dehydration, worsening the urinary incontinence problem. Thus, fluids play a major role in managing the urinary incontinence condition. Proper intake of fluids falls under one of the effective male incontinence treatment options. Men are recommended to limit consuming caffeine as it irritates the urinary bladder, aggravating the condition. The other fluid items men should avoid are carbonated drinks and alcohol as they tend to act as diuretics and increase the volume of urine in the bladder.
When the urinary system appears on the monitor, a female doctor looks at the male patient.
The next significant male incontinence treatment plan will be to make adjustments in diet. Studies state that acidic and spicy foods trigger the condition and worsen it further. A few feel that artificial sweeteners and chocolates have the same effect. Some others strongly believe that food has no impact on urinary incontinence. The triggers may differ from one person to another. But if you are facing the problem, figure out what food substance is causing it by tracking your daily food intake.

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Relaxation techniques like meditation or breathing exercises are proven to serve as an effective male incontinence treatment. This helps in coping with the symptoms, easing the tight muscles, and controlling the bladder. Biofeedback is another growing technology used in many city clinics in Chennai to monitor the muscle contractions surrounding the bladder region.

Behavioural techniques like bladder training are easy urinary incontinence treatment that everyone can try. You must start using the bathroom every half hour to pee, irrespective of the urge. Within days or weeks, the patient will be able to increase the time between the breaks. Consistent practice will help space the breaks by 4 hours and eventually decrease the urge.

Ways to Handle Urinary Incontinence in Men

Tracking is the first step before opting for any male incontinence treatment. Recording the amount of fluid intake and the frequency of urinating will help find the cause of incontinence. You should note leakages during physical activities and the triggers that cause them. This record will be very useful for your health care provider to understand your symptoms. The other simple ways to treat urinary incontinence are:

Flexing Muscles

Kegel exercise is the best male incontinence treatment method which strengthens the muscles in the pelvis and helps better urine retention. As Kegel exercise is easy to practice, you can start doing it in any comfortable space.


Medications are very helpful and act as additional support to every male incontinence treatment. It relaxes the bladder muscles and prevents unnecessary bladder contraction. Medications block the nerve signals causing unwanted contraction, shrink enlarged prostates and ease various urinary issues.

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Surgical procedures for incontinence are recommended when the patient is suffering from severe urinary incontinence. Male incontinence treatment surgery uses a sling that compresses the urethra and prevents leakages from happening. Another successful surgical procedure is implanting an artificial sphincter which acts as a cuff to seal the urethra.

Other Incontinence Devices

Numerous incontinence devices like external catheters roll on the penis and act like condoms to collect the urine. These, in turn, can be attached to removable bags and hung to the side of the patient's bed during the night, thereby offering uninterrupted sleep schedules. In case of overflow incontinence, an intermittent catheter is the best male incontinence treatment device. As its name suggests, a tube is passed through the urethra at specific times to empty the urine and prevent leakage. This is seen to help a lot of male patients effectively.

Wrap Up

Urinary incontinence may happen anytime! It may just occur when you least expect it. Therefore, if you already have the condition be prepared to stay safe and prevent any unnecessary public embarrassments. Try taking frequent bathroom breaks if you are planning a road trip. Always wear clothes that are convenient to remove immediately. Carry safety absorbent pads or plastic urinals to manage emergencies. JOGO clinic is one of the renowned clinics in Chennai with FDA approved digital therapeutics to treat urinary incontinence problems with world-class amenities and technological advancements.

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